Gladiators: These are the "entertainment" of Rome, and they fight to the death in the Colosseum. Some have escaped and are fighting the Romans. They are enemies against all but their own.

Types of GladiatorsEdit

  • Ranged gladiator: These gladiators are the weakest of all, however they're also accurate in their attacks. They have a pitchfork to ward off melee attacks and throw deadly knives at their opponents. They try to find a good area to throw their knives though.
  • Melee gladiators:
    • Well armed gladiator: These gladiators are well armed with a broadsword and a shield. They use their shields to bash opponents and have two forms of attack. One attack is by stabbing, while the other attack is by attacking once, doing a jump spin and then attacking again. They have moderate health. They can also defend themselves.
    • Heavy gladiator: These gladiators aren't well armed, but they're the most strongest of all of the gladiators. They have an axe that they swing upon their foes, and are capable of defending themselves with the axe only. You'll need to attack from a different direction or bash them to destroy their defense.