The Spartan fighting the Hydra.




Sejanus (master)


The Spartan

The Hydra is a multi-headed beast awakened from its lair in the ruins of Troy by Sejanus, in the hope it will kill The Spartan. Despite it's efforts, it is defeated.

The Hydra has several heads that can breath fire on their enemies. Another attack they do is lunge at the target when when the player is hiding behind a pillar.

To deal damage to these heads, the player needs to use the special with Achilles' spear and then destroy the head in melee range. Then the player needs to shoot an incendiary arrow, which the player can grab from a nearby chest on the remaining part to deal damage onto it. If the player is too slow, it will regenerate a head and the player will need to start over again. Once this is done, when the boss has low health left, the main head will appear. The player needs to repeat the same steps as above to finally kill the boss.