The Roman Army is the vast and efficient military force of the Roman Empire. It is divided into Legions of approximately 5,000 men each, at least one of which was present at the Siege of Sparta. As well as hordes of highly drilled legionaries, there were elite units and esoteric war machines.


Crassus is the general in charge of the Siege of Sparta. He is arrogant and extravagant, with a predilection to monstrous war machines. 

Sejanus is the Praetorian Prefect. A skilled magician, and far more wise than Crassus, he uses a combination of regular soldiers, Praetorians, and undead to fight his battles. He is responsible for the occupation of Troy and Athens, as well as the custodianship of the Gates of Saturn. 

Tiberius, as emperor (from the Latin imperator, meaning "commander") of the Roman Empire, is the supreme commander of the Roman Army. He never takes to the field.

War MachinesEdit

Talos is a giant bronze automaton that is used by the Roman Army during the Siege of Sparta. It is destroyed by The Spartan with the use of a series of catapults. 

Medusa was once a beautiful woman, but was cursed and turned into a creature so foul that men would turn to stone by simply looking at her. Accounts of who cursed her and why differ. One version is that Aphrodite become jealous of her beauty, while another has it that she consorted with or was raped by Poseidon inside one of Athena's temples and the goddess cursed her as punishment.  

Siege Towers were enormous wooden structures used to scale fortifications. Three were destroyed by Spartan Sappers, escorted by The Spartan.

Catapults were used by generals of Rome to bombard positions and soldiers from afar. They were torsion-powered, and launched flaming, explosive projectiles.

Ballistae were torsion-powered projectile launchers used to suppress soldiers and cover stretches of open ground. They were extremely effective against exposed soldiers, and a number were used at the Gates of Saturn.

Ladon was an undead dragon ridden by Sejanus. He was killed by The Spartan in Athens, using Archimedes' Lightning Gun.

Infernii were Praetorian Guardsmen armed with flamethrowers. They wear long purple overalls and carried a brass pump on their back.